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For a Magento developer, Magento development and customization could be overwhelming the first time, particularly if one is not familiar with the Zend framework. There are several things to know before you start with Magento. First, the caches of the platform are enabled by default. Secondly, there is an invaluable free extension that is called a Developer Toolbar. It adds toolbar to the bottom of the website with several handy links controlling different settings in Magento.

The third thing about Magento development and Magento customization that a Magento developer should keep in mind is that everything in the framework will inherit. For templates, the framework will find a template file within a specific theme. Magento is a complex open source framework that could offer an excellent experience to both web shop owners and their customers. Nevertheless, the development of the framework is not easy.

When it comes to Magento development and Magento customization, a first time Magento developer should bear in mind that it is highly risky to tamper with the core files. The best way would be to manage what one needs without altering the core code is the best option to do things.  Magento has several rules to follow. If a developer tries to bypass them, it could save time but may result to time-consuming repairing of error after tampering the core files and something would go wrong. Magento has several elements that are interdependent and follow their own rules.  These rules have expectations that should be learned.

In a Magento commerce website, you can find advice, tutorials and useful community forum to help you. Other sources could also be valuable like YouTube and Alan Storm’s blogs. YouTube has so many videos explain how particular thins are done in Magento. However, you should be careful and picky since not all the web material is good, same goes for forum advice. Consider looking for trusted resources recommended by the Magento community. Try to Google things you do not know or unsure of.  What is important with Magento is choosing the correct extensions. The extensions are very important part of developing a Magento site since they could shorten the time needed on the market providing a wide scope of functions.

Make sure to select those that offer all the needed functionalities, those with positive reviews and with a money-back guarantee. Allow time for testing and if there are problems encountered, then first turn to the company making the extensions for programming support. If this fails, you can get your money back and try another one. The framework has out-of-the-box features that are impressive. The platform further is not just free to download but one is also free to build upon it for certain business requirements. The extensions have indeed set the platform apart from the pack. One of the primary goals of Magento core development team is to create the most extensible e commerce system in the world and has greatly succeeded. The platform has the best admin interface in an open source system.

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